Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 10

General Meeting

April 15, 2010



Roll Call

VonMille moved to suspend reading of the minutes,
2nd Andrews-passed


Meeting suspended for Carol Thomas to speak to membership
about annuity options.

Meeting rejoined.

T. Brandon gave financial report. Andrews moved to
accept; Chambers 2nd-passed


K. Gran’s committee report about risks/benefits
of increased fire department role in EMS delivery based on comparable
citys’ experiences delayed until next month.


Repairs to Local’s building will begin next week.
Repairs being done by C.F. Smith.


VonMille has Local 995 merchandise for sale. (T shirts,
polo shirts, golf towels, hats, etc.)


Email list and website- A. Farber reported that a
website will cost $10-20 for domain registration, there will also be
a continuous fee for web hosting. Group discussion centered around need
for website.

R. Neville moved to implement a Facebook  presence
ASAP for Local 995 that will be administered by A. Farber. 2nd

MDA fund raising efforts will be limited to off duty
collection by volunteers. Chief Carter will allow the wearing of fire
helmets during collection.


Williamson asked about EMS recert cancellation. Andes
will check with administration.


Burning Up the Bottom and Beat the Heat 5k will be
held together this year on June 19. R. Neville moved to form committee
on Burning Up the Bottom Firefighter Competition. Committee will be
chaired by Neville with assistance from Schmidt and others to be named
later. Competition should be done with no cost to Local 995 (Chambers
amendment).  2nd Schmidt-passed.

Brandon is going to send letters to all fire houses
about which Vice President is responsible for what houses.

Fire Marshall D. Creasy says fire prevention has 1600
smoke detectors as result of a grant and he would like to see fire companies
blitzing neighborhoods to distribute.

PFTs will meet at Byrd Park M-F @ 0830 for anyone
interested in training for the Beat the Heat 5K

Chief Carter says Swift Water 24 will be operational
by July 1, 2010

BBC and Local to work together to get administration
to revive the Building Bridges Project.  Much discussion followed
as to the actual state of the program and not the administration’s
view of it. Consensus amongst those present is the program is dead.


L. Waltrip: Mother-in-Law passed.


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